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Hi guys/girls just checkin' in to say hi! (-;
Olivia: Hi, i am Olivia Nice to meet you. I hope that you will enjoy and like this website. As it was create for the unification of the Body Of Christ.
Hey it's me again guys/girls. check out "illbehonest youtube channel" - very powerful truth there! God truly speaks through those men/women. Nice place here too. (-;
Hi everyone, I'm new here. Not sure how all this works yet. I just feel safe with other Christians. Please feel free to talk to me if you need encouragement in Christ, I know I need it too. Btw, I found this via YouTube Channel "Reality News".
cindy: Hi Rebekah Thanks for contacting us. My name is Cindy and I can see that you are located in Vegas in America. Continue to listen to our videos and pass them on to everyone you know as whatever we are saying are straight from the Lord and is not what the mainstream churches are sharing with their congregations. It is time of the great apostasy and famine of the revelations and truth. We will pray for you tomorrow and see what the Lord shows us for you so that you can grow fast in your spiritual life as events are accelerating to the end. We receive visions and revelations .You can just share with us a bit about how long you have been a Christian so that we can recommend what level of teaching you need as we have rather an extensive spirit filled teachings for different levels of maturity. And also if you want to share anything about your experiences feel free while we are still available before revival and reformation starts in our tiny Island. The Lord showed us that we are His Government and Mauritius will be a light to all Nations. You will be greatly empowered if you remain under the government of God. The Lords presence be with you Hear from you soon Love in Christ
Rebekah: Hey Cindy thx so much for getting back to me. I've been feeling very lonely within, and as a Christian, it's just nice to have someone to reach out to (-:. P.S. Have you heard of illbehonest youtube channel? - -wow!